Rotationally Molded – Roll Pallets


Roll pallets are made to hold materials in a roll form.  These pallet sizes came about as a result of custom applications – please c0ntact us with your size requirements.  We make our molds in-house for fast turn-around and low tooling costs.  Standard color black – other colors available for minimum non-returnable quantities.  Please note that picture for QP-101 shows extension “wings” that are no longer available.  Size shown below is for the pallet without wings.

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Model NumberL x W x HFork Tunnel Size (WxH)CapacityWeight
HMC-3030"x36"x9.25"2 @ 8.5"x4"1000 lb.30 lb.
QP-6464"x38"x12.5"2 @ 12.5"x4.25"1500 lb.50 lb.
QP-101101"x50"x14"2 @ 6.5"x4.5"1800 lb.100 lb.