Stacking Pallet Containers


Our pallet containers are rotationally molded for superior strength in a one-piece, lightweight unit. Use for in-plant handling, shipping, storage or replacement for corrugated or steel.  May be transferred with forklift or pallet jacks. Custom sizes also available — Please contact us for details.  Grey color standard – other colors available for minimum orders of three units.  Part numbers with asterisks (*) following the number have optional lids available.

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Model Number Cubic Foot Cap Gallon Capacity Overall top Dimension Inside top Dimension Weight Capacity Ship Weight Features
HON-40 5.5 41 40"x24"x18" 35"x23"x12" 600 lbs. 30 lbs. 4-way entry
DP-28 20 146 48"x36"x28" 45"x32"x24" 1000 lbs 60 lbs. 4-way entry
GG-24* 24 145 47"x42"x24" 43.5"x38.5"x20" 800 lbs. 64 lbs. dump with rotating forklift
GG-36* 35 240 47"x42"x36" 43.5"x38.5"x32" 1000 lbs 80 lbs. dump with rotating forklift
GG-48* 45 335 47"x42"x48" 43.5"x38.5"x44" 1200 lbs 94 lbs. dump with rotating forklift
AT-7040* 60 475 73"x43"x42" 70"x40"x36" 1500 lbs 195 lbs 4-way entry
SKA-1* 12 91.5 40"x39"x20" 36"x34.5"x16" 500 lbs. 35 lbs. 2-way entry
SKA-2* 21 157 40"x40"x30" 36"x36"x25.5" 1000 lbs 59 lbs. 2-way entry
TEX-24* 5 39 32"x24"x18.5" 29"x21"x14" 600 lbs. 25 lbs. 2-way entry

Part numbers with an asterisk (*) following the number have optional lids available – contact us for details.