Large Capacity Pallet Containers


Large capacity pallet containers hold from 435 gallons to a huge 700 gallon volume.  Pallet feet are built into the bottom of the units to provide a seamless container able to be moved by forklift or pallet jack.  The KC-52 & AB-65 nest inside one-another, while the AT-7040 stacks on top of each other.  The KC-52 & KC-60 have fork pockets built in to allow dumping with a rotating forklift.  PLEASE NOTE: Grey is stock color – other colors available for minimum non-returnable order of three units.

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Model Number Cubic Foot Gallon Cap. Overall top Dimension Inside top Dimension Weight Capacity Ship Weight Features  
KC-52 58 436 57"x41"x53" 53"x37"x48" 1500 lbs 140 lbs 4-way entry, 2-way fork tunnels, nests
AT-7040* 60 475 73"x43"x42" 70"x40"x36" 1500 lbs 195 lbs 4-way entry, stacks
KC-607254063" x 50" x 49"59" x 47" x 45"1500 lbs200 lbs4-way entry, 2-way fork tunnels
AB-65 87 650 75"x45"x65" 70"x40"x60" 1500 lbs 217 lbs 4-way entry, nests
LMM-1* 92.5 692 60"x46"x72" 56"x42"x68" 1500 lbs 240 lbs Tall, 2-way entry