Other Bulk Bins


Bulk Containers are offered in unique sizes and shapes.  Part #PT-BIN2 has an optional lid, as does PI-12.  Part numbers SJ-1, HC-1 & HC-2 include lids.  Gray color standard – other colors available for non-returnable minimum orders of three or more units.

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Model Number Gallon Capacity Outside Dimension Inside Dimension Ship WeightFeatures
PI-127945" x 45" x 12"38" x 38"35 lbs.Tapered, optional lid
WG-53 360 54"x54"x37" 49.5"x49.5"x36.5" 90 lbs.Tapered
PT-BIN1 105 48"x32"x20.5" 45"x27"x20" 50 lbs.Straight-sided
PT-BIN2 270 52"x40"x36.5" 48"x36"x36" 93 lbs.Straight-sided, optional lid
PT-BIN3 585 68"x48"x48" 63"x43"x47.5" 148 lbs.Straight-sided
SJ-1 140 48"x32"x30"* 43.5"x27.5"x23.5" 60 lbs.Ribbed, includes lid
HC-1 104 30"x30"x30" 29"x29"x29.5" 35 lbs.Nesting, includes lid, no rim
HC-2 75 41"x21.5"x21.5" 40.5"x20.5"x21" 34 lbs.Straight-sided, includes lid. No rim