Stacking Boxes


Reverse taper provides secure stacking of boxes while protecting product inside box. Weight is transferred around the entire rim, allowing for far greater weight capacity.


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Model Number Outside top Dimensions Inside top Dimensions Inside bottom Dimensions Depth Ship Weight Rim Type, Special Features  
HT-3 11.5"x10" 9.75"x8.5" 9.5"x8.5" 3.75" .5 lbs. Rolled rim
HT-6 11.5"x10" 9.75"x8.5" 9.5"x8.5" 7" 3 lbs. Rolled rim
TF-14* 14"x14" 12.25"x12.25" 12.5"x12.5" 13.75" 5 lbs. Return rim
GEST-1 22.75"x21.5" 21.5"x20.5" 22"x21" 18.25" 13 lbs. Return rim
JB-19 20"x20" 18.5"x18.5" 18.75"x18.75" 4.5" 5 lbs. Return rim
DC-1 25.5"x18.5" 24"x17" 24.5"x17.5" 6" 5 lbs. Rolled rim
DC-2 29"x21" 27"x19" 28"x20" 7" 9 lbs. Rolled rim
PE-SST 28.5"x18" 26"x15.5" 26"x15.5" 12" 10 lbs. Rolled rim, ribs
PE-1717 17"x17" 15"x15" 14"x14" 14.25" 9 lbs. Rolled rim, 2" nest
DC-3 25"x22" 23"x20" 24"x21" 12.5" 9 lbs. Rolled rim
LM-24 24"x22" 21.75"x19.75" 22"x20 26" 25 lbs. Rolled rim, deep