Stack & Nest Boxes


Rotationally molded boxes stack on sturdy molded edges, or nest when turned 180 degrees. All five styles except DJ-1 have rolled rims for durability and ease of handling.  (DJ-1 has a return rim.)  FM-1 has optional lid available.  Gray is standard color – other colors available for minimum non-returnable quantity.

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Model Number Outside top Dimension Inside top Dimension Inside bottom Dimension Depth Ship Weight  
DJ-1 22"x16.25" 19.75"x14" 19"x13.5" 6.5" 3.5 lbs.
PES-22 22"x16.5" 20"x14.25" 18"x12.5" 12.75" 7 lbs.
GB-1 20.5"x10" 19"x8.5" 16"x7.5" 7.75" 5 lbs.
FM-1 24"x16.75" 22"x15" 20.5"x13" 8" 7 lbs.
FM-2 28.5"x24" 25.25"x21.75" 24.5"x21" 8.25" 10 lbs.