Barrel and Drum Dollies


Barrel and Drum Dollies are available with plastic pans or in steel.  Both versions have casters mounted on the bottom (bolted through the pan on the plastic version).  Steel dollies are available in any size.  Gray color standard for plastic dollies – other colors available for minimum quantities.

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Model NumberO.D. DiameterCasters - # / SizePound CapacityWeight
MD-1717.25"4 / 3"300 lb.15 lb.
MD-2020"4 / 3"400 lb.20 lb.
MD-2222"4 / 3"400 lb.18 lb.
MD-2425"5 / 4"500 lb.17 lb.
FD-2626.5"4 / 4"600 lb.22 lb.
MD-2928.5"5 / 4"600 lb.23 lb.
MD-3534.75"6 / 4"1000 lb.38 lb.
FD-3636"5 / 4"800 lb.30 lb.